Application submission

The applicant shall submit a request form through our online website or via email. Upon submission, the applicant will receive an initial certification cost evaluation from Polish Institute of Halal. Subsequently, the applicant shall submit a signed completed application form (PIH/AFC010117) with all necessary stated documents including all products and ingredients specifications.

Application review

All documents will be forwarded to the technical team for evaluation within five working days. Upon the successful review and approval of all documents, the applicant will receive a final certification cost evaluation. After that, an on-site audit date will be coordinated between Polish Institute of Halal and the applicant at the agreed manufacturing location

On-site Audit

The Halal team auditors which consist of at least Technical Auditor and a Sharia Auditors will carry out the audit. The applicant will have 90 days to submit the corrective action report for the closure of all non-conformities raised during the audit, failure to meet this deadline will result the termination of the process at this level. If the applicant exceeds the 90 days without closing the non-conformities the audit shall be repeated.

Decision and Halal Certification Issuance

After the closing of the non-conformities, the decision of certification process will be determined within five working days. If it is positive, a certification agreement will be signed between the two parties before the issuance of the Halal certificate that valid for a year.

Get certified

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    Certificate Authentication

    The Halal certificate can be authenticated by scanning the unique QR code available on each certificate, alternatively input the certificate’s reference number in the search box.*

    Uwierzytelnianie certyfikatu / Certificate Authentication

    Halal Standard

    Certified and Suspended Clients

    Contact us to receive informations about currently certified clients or those whose certifications have been suspended, highlighting the reasons for suspension.

    Suspension and Termination

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