Why certify Halal with Polish Institute of Halal?

Our Halal certificate is recognized world wide, it enables our clients to open the door to the 2.3 Trillion USD Halal Market.

Polish Institute of Halal is the most accredited certification body in Poland.

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Halal Certification

Unlock Global Market with our Halal Certificate Our Halal certificate is not just symbols of authenticity but a passport to the global market

Khalis Halal

Khalis Halal is a registered Halal mark for Halal animal slaughtering without stunning and all derivative products.

Halal Training

Join us for comprehensive training programs tailored for professionals. From mastering food handling techniques to understanding international Halal standards. Unlock new skills and advance your career with Polish Halal Institute training sessions.

Developing Halal Market

Polish Halal Institute participates and invites for participation in Halal events such as fairs and conferences to boost Halal market and connect among Halal Certification Bodies and clients.

Halal Certification

Animal Slaughtering

Food and Beverages



Pharmaceutical chemistry


Over 14 years of experience

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